[JDEV] 0.6 FYI

Thomas Charron tcharron at nermail.ups.com
Mon May 3 10:03:51 CDT 1999

	Thanks..  The Window Client still does some funny things here and there
that I need to clean up,and add code towrite user data to the registry so
you don't have to reconfigure it EVERY time you login in..  That will also
allow the 'autologin' feature to work. I also have some test code that will
allow jabber to run like ICQ does, aka, 'sleeps' in the tray untill
connected.  Upon disconnect, goes back to sleep..  I also need the whole
status list thing working.. I'm targetting getting a Windows client exe in
CVS for late Tuesday/Wed.

> From: owner-jdev at jabber.org On Behalf Of Jeremie
> Subject: [JDEV] 0.6 FYI
> Just to keep everyone up to date here, most of the functionality for 0.6
> is checked into CVS, but were going to take a few days to a week here to
> do full testing and most importantly, to create a rock-solid and complete
> distribution that is ready to install/run/use.
> So it will be a few days before 0.6 yet, but this release should be very
> solid, documented, and ready to start building on!

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