[JDEV] misc protocol discussion

Thomas Charron tcharron at nermail.ups.com
Mon May 3 10:03:55 CDT 1999

	I would like that veryveryvery much..  It goes along with giving a 'type'
to the status tag...

	Will we also support type="away" and type="offline"?

	Speaking of which, could you spend a few minutes and document valid values
for each of the message and status tags?  I KNOW we can extend upon them,
but I'm talking the standardly accepted ones..

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> Subject: [JDEV] misc protocol discussion
> In message packets we have the type="" attribute available for
> special built-in message types, most obviously for errors.  And in a
> status packet we have the same attribute but it's on the <say></say> tag
> instead.  Would anyone be against moving it up to the status tag to be
> consistent with message, and it feels more appropriate there anyway:
>   <status type="online">
> 	<say>Groovin</say>
> 	<priority>10</priority>
>   </status>
> If everyone is in agreement, I can do this before 0.6.
> Jer

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