[JDEV] Contact Methods

Chase Phillips shepard at ameth.org
Mon May 3 11:44:57 CDT 1999

On Mon, 3 May 1999, Thomas Charron wrote:

> 	That could be done, however, I'mnot really seeing the point to limiting it.
> Once I have your pager number, I can page you3 different ways anyway..
> (Shrug)  User preference I guess.
> 	And actually, my old pager number is 167289, and the transport is at
> pagers.jabberhost.com.. The transport would know how to page that pager
> number.
> 	I'd say to take care of people getting yourID, we could make it so that
> alternate addy's have 'permisions' that are protected somehow.  That way you
> could even give your home humber for some'authorized' people..

the reason in limiting it is that only certain people with certain jabber
addresses can page me through that transport.  this way, if i authorize
someone to add my pager, at a later time i can remove them from the list
of people.  and, in the end, they still don't know my pager number.  with
this method, the user who sends a message to my pager may only ever be
able to find out the 167289 at pagers.jabberhost.com, and even then, later
may not be allowed to send a message to it.

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