[JDEV] Contact Methods

Thomas Charron tcharron at nermail.ups.com
Mon May 3 12:12:49 CDT 1999

> From: owner-jdev at jabber.org On Behalf Of Chase Phillips
> Subject: RE: [JDEV] Contact Methods
> the reason in limiting it is that only certain people with certain jabber
> addresses can page me through that transport.  this way, if i authorize
> someone to add my pager, at a later time i can remove them from the list
> of people.  and, in the end, they still don't know my pager number.  with
> this method, the user who sends a message to my pager may only ever be
> able to find out the 167289 at pagers.jabberhost.com, and even then, later
> may not be allowed to send a message to it.

	Hrm..  I THINK I see what your saying, and it's not howI've been handling
the pager transport thus far.  The 167289 IS the pager number in my example,
which is why I was confused when you said that you wanted them not to KNOW
your pager number..

	Perhaps what you mean is being able to have the pager transport maintain a
list of valid users, and map them to pager numbers, hence, not giving your
pager ID number away, and also allowing a list of 'Authorized users'.  I
think this is what you mean:

I send a message to TomCharron at pagers.jabberhost.com.

Pagers (the transport) would check to see if the from addy is authorized to
send messages to TomCharron.

Pagers would lookup TomCharron and see the pager number 167289, and send a
page to that number, if the user was authorized.  Else, it'd reject it and
send a <message type="error"> back to the sender,informing that they are not
authorized to page this ID.

	At this point, what does everyone else think of this.  My original point
was to be able to page anyone, and it currently just pages the ID sent to
(167289 at pagers.jabberhost.com wouldpage # 167289).  I suppose it could have
some sort of ID authorization feature, but I'm unsure of how the client
could configure the transport.

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