[JDEV] 0.6 FYI

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon May 3 16:01:00 CDT 1999

> 	Thanks..  The Window Client still does some funny things here and there
> that I need to clean up,and add code towrite user data to the registry so
> you don't have to reconfigure it EVERY time you login in..  That will also
> allow the 'autologin' feature to work. I also have some test code that will
> allow jabber to run like ICQ does, aka, 'sleeps' in the tray untill
> connected.  Upon disconnect, goes back to sleep..  I also need the whole
> status list thing working.. I'm targetting getting a Windows client exe in
> CVS for late Tuesday/Wed.

Sounds good and happy :)


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