Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue May 4 13:27:46 CDT 1999

==> DR0.6 (This Week/Weekend)

Outstanding issues before release:

-> Update release docs, READMEs, configuring, using, etc
	Mostly done, few more touch up things and docs to be written.

-> CLI Client update, messages, roster, status, etc...
	In progress.

-> ./configure; make; make install for the works
	Proposal was send to cvs at jabber.org

==> DR0.7 (May)

-> Full Manpages and Docs
-> Client Lib spec/base
-> Sample transport structure/code
-> mod_mysql?
-> Querying
-> Perl modules(structure)?
-> AIM prototype transport?

==> DR0.8 (Juneish)

-> Threading?
-> ICQ/AIM/etc transports
-> Full CLI architecture

==> Future

-> Threads, pools, IO revamp
-> File, URL, media transfers, streaming

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