[JDEV] Element stack and Asserts

dsmith at ai.uwf.edu dsmith at ai.uwf.edu
Tue May 4 23:08:59 CDT 1999

Greetings... :)

Well, I'm almost done writing an element stack to keep track of element
"trees" as they are being built. It'll make using expat trivial. The
stack is setup so that it has a (nearly) 1:1 correspondence with the
expat callbacks for StartElement, CharacterData, and EndElement. It's
pretty nifty, IMHO. :)

I've also been putting some finishing touches on the element .c/.h
files. I fixed it up so that everything uses const char's and strdups
to ensure that elements release *all* the memory they use properly (at
least, that's my goal). :)

Once I finish up the element stack, I'm hoping to write the XMLstream
wrapper and that'll give us a I/O source independent, incremental
XML->DOM generator. Really, my first goal with writing this piece is to
make it easy for people who write clients to parse the data out. It'll
be up to them to provide the I/O source (which should be trivial).

Everything's looking good. :) I'm getting tired of all these CVS
checkin messages. You guys are *way* too productive. :) J/K...

ICQ is dead (or will be soon). Long live Jabber.


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