[JDEV]Taking the plunge...

Ken Kennedy kenzoid at io.com
Fri May 7 10:24:02 CDT 1999

Well, after reviewing code and mailing list ad nauseum, I'm getting ready
to roll up my sleeves and jump in here. If there are no objections *grin*,
I'm going to start with documentation, actually. Organizing docs helps me
confirm that I understand what I'm doing, before I start coding...(I know,
I'm weird. I do database development for a living, though, and if you
don't START w/ ER diagrams & logical models...well, it's scary....).
Obviously, I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but I'm looking at putting
together READMEs, man pages, and FAQs on:

protocol/API info (this will REALLY help me make sure I know what's going

server use/functionality (both present and planned)

CLI client use/functionality (both present and planned)

perl script/client info (I'm a perl hack...I couldn't resist..)

Sound like a plan? Any obvious things I'm missing?


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