[JDEV]Taking the plunge...

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Fri May 7 15:50:10 CDT 1999

> Well, after reviewing code and mailing list ad nauseum, I'm getting ready
> to roll up my sleeves and jump in here. If there are no objections *grin*

Really great!  Welcome! :)

> I'm going to start with documentation, actually. Organizing docs helps me
> confirm that I understand what I'm doing, before I start coding...(I know,
> I'm weird. I do database development for a living, though, and if you
> don't START w/ ER diagrams & logical models...well, it's scary....).

This is perfect, we really need some help with the documentation, since
we're working hard at making the code rock solid and functional, haven't
had much time to explain it to the outside world :)

The models are mostly in my head, in the code, and spread
around in the list archives... I'll succumb to a lobotomy if it'll help,

> Obviously, I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but I'm looking at putting
> together READMEs, man pages, and FAQs on:
> protocol/API info (this will REALLY help me make sure I know what's going
> on)

The protocol is easy to look at and understand from that angle, but it
really needs a good definition of what each field is used for... I'll be
adding a small guide doc to the 0.6 release before it goes out covering a
few of the important parts.

> server use/functionality (both present and planned)
> CLI client use/functionality (both present and planned)
> perl script/client info (I'm a perl hack...I couldn't resist..)

All great great things, thanks!!!  I checked in the framework for a perl
module, and plan on filling that up a bit more soon too, feel free to
start to spec it out a bit more if you wish.

I want to split the documentation effort into it's own wing/project with
it's own archive.  This will probably happen as soon as jabber.org moves
to a new server within the next month.

Thanks again, all help is deeply appreciated!


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