[JDEV] fat clients vs. fat servers

Jeremie jer at jeremie.com
Sat May 8 12:38:47 CDT 1999

I've written up a small "position statement" explaining the approach
Jabber has taken in shifting the responsibilities to the server, and
posted it to the new mozilla newsgroup:


I will be (attempting to) write a small lightweight Jabber client for
Mozilla, but the above message isn't related to that.  They may be heading
in the direction of building a "fat client" that has the potential to
duplicate part of what Jabber does, and the above message is to explain
the differences and approach Jabber takes.

There is also the potential for Mozilla to fully back/support Jabber and
really make some magic happen.  Feel free to hop into the newsgroup or
join the mailing list(send "subscribe" in the subject to
mozilla-rt-messaging-request at mozilla.org) if you are interested in this
or just want to voice your opinion.



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