[JDEV] Silly question..

Thomas Charron tcharron at nermail.ups.com
Mon May 10 13:06:48 CDT 1999

	Silly question, but why do we not support as <logout> tag to go with the <login> tag?  PERSONALLY I can see no reason to do this,
but if a user has multiple ID's for some reason, it'd make sense..  Here's an example of what I could think:

	A client supports multiple ID's to connect.  Let's say you have an ISP that decides to try out Jabber for online Technical Support.
The techshave their own personal ID's, as well as an id such as:

DirtyOldMan at jabber.org
support at jabber.org

	Currenly, the client would need to end the transaction via </jabber>, reconnect, and re-login.  Why not allow a </logout> as well..
This could also be good if people want to be 'away' from their computer, but allowing the connection to remain up.

	And, while we're at it, how's about being about to login as multiple users via multiple <login>'s?

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