[JDEV] Jabber 0.6 Ready (the calm before the storm)

Jeremie jer at jeremie.com
Wed May 12 01:09:44 CDT 1999

Alrighty, I fixed up a few more bugs and updated the READMEs, so this
should be the RTR(Ready To Release) version:

I'll give it 24 hours then craft a little announcement and post it on all
the normal places(freshmeat, etc).

Things are going to be VERY busy between now and 0.7, and probably only
busier after that... we've got a fairly solid base to start working on so
all the "fun" things will start falling into place, such as I have a
working prototype ICQ and AIM transport here at home that I'll check in
this weekend as well as produce a few binaries for those that want to
play :-)

More tomorrow!


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