[JDEV] Denial of Service, Spam and Jabber

Daniel Arbuckle djarb at wvc-omak.ctc.edu
Wed May 12 21:56:58 CDT 1999

OK, so before 1.0 the server will take care of such things. That's what I 
needed to know. Thanks.


On Wed, 12 May 1999, Jeremie wrote:

> > How does jabber deal with unwanted messages, particularly massively 
> > repeated ones?
> > 
> > Does the server have a squelch list?
> At the moment there is nothing in the server to stop this, but it is
> definately an issue that will be addressed as Jabber usage ramps up.
> There will most likely be two areas... performance/usage limits to limit
> the damage of DOS attacks, and security/preference settings to reduce
> unwanted messages.  These will happen before "1.0", but probably not for
> the next version or two.
> Jer

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