[JDEV] Net::Jabber Perl Module

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Thu May 13 19:16:34 CDT 1999

I just checked in a preliminary perl module I wrote this afternoon that
will greatly ease writing Jabber clients or utility scripts with perl.  It
will show up in tonight's snapshot at http://jabber.org/download/ for all
those that don't use CVS. 

Warning!  I haven't written any perl5 code before(done lots of perl4
stuff) and this is my first .pm ever, so there are likely some major flaws
and stupidity, any perl gods out there are welcome to criticize!  I have a
CPAN account and will be uploading to to CPAN tonight or tomorrow.

Cool things: with Net::Jabber and a working Jabber server with ICQ/AIM
transports, any SIMPLE perl script can two-way communicate instantly with
any ICQ or AIM user!  Just one small powerful aspect of Jabber :)



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