[JDEV] It's been quiet lately

Jeremie jer at jeremie.com
Sun May 23 20:51:42 CDT 1999

It might be quiet, but things are progressing rapidly on the back end :)
There is a good deal of preparation work on building a new jabber.org site
with more tools for developers, which should arrive within the next month.

Also, I have a web-based client in the daily builds now.  It's simply a
cgi script and collection of html files that work together with some
javascript magic to make a usable client out of any web browser.  I have a
couple of touchups on it yet and will package it up with some docs and let
everyone here play with it.  The cgi script utilizes the Net::Jabber perl
module so that also is almost 100% functional, it should arrive on CPAN
this week.

Tonight I'll attempt to clean up the prototype ICQ transport I have so
that anyone can try it out, it's lots of fun :)

Thanks for hanging in there, it's been a bit slow on this list and will
probably remain slow for the next few weeks, but things are moving quickly
on the back-end and will pick up speed here with the new tools/projects
and an ICQ/AIM transport!


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