[JDEV] Online notification?

Daniel Arbuckle djarb at wvc-omak.ctc.edu
Sat May 29 08:40:54 CDT 1999

I think I've got an instance where it shouldn't be sent, but is.
I have multiple instances of my jabber client running, all on the same
machine and talking to a jabbertransport also on the same machine. I don't
even have a rosters.xml file, so theoretically nobody should get
notifications. Nevertheless, whenever any client sends an online
notification, all other online clients recieve it.

Also, it would be convenient if the act of deleting somebody from your
roster sent you a status=offline from them. Is that a possibility?


On Mon, 24 May 1999, Jeremie wrote:

> > I haven't been getting this in my experimentation with 0.6. What are the
> > conditions that this happens under?
> Two things... the client that just came online has to send it, and
> secondly, the recipient must be on the client's roster.  As soon as the
> server receives a type="online" packet it forwards it to all of the users
> on the roster and to any of the user's own sessions.
> Let me know if you find an instance where you think it should be sent and
> isn't, there might be a problem with the algorythm yet.
> Jer

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