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Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Mon Nov 15 22:21:03 CST 1999

Quoting anthony ross <tonyross at mindspring.com>:
> > *HOPE* we can stress test it to 10,000 simo users.  Unfortionatly, this
> may
> > require a larger machine then I have access to, so anyone willing to step
> > forward and volunteer some CPU time on a box that can handle that many
> users,
> > or heck, anyone who has ever been involved in a program that may have
> 10,000
> > simo TCP connections open, please, step forward, we'd be glad for the
> help.
> coudl you explain StressTester a little bit better? i dont think i'm
> understanding
> what you want me too.  let me know when .7 is released on the site, and
> i'll see
> what i can do about directing trafic, see ya - Anthony Ross aka Merge

  Basically, we're nearly ready to release 0.7RC.  Another tool I am working on
is a seperate program that simulates client connections to the server.  Plain
enough.  We'd like to have people use the StressTest tool once it's complete and
report their findings.

  We'll be sure to announce all of this on this list when it happens.. ;-P
Thomas Charron
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