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Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Tue Nov 16 09:52:40 CST 1999

Quoting Robert Thompson <robert at sv3.com>:
> 10,000 users?....are all their messaging traffic going through the server
> or
> something?

  Yes, all messaging IS going thru a server.  Not 'THE' server, but a server.  
Think email over the net.  The server setup in non-central, and within an open 
namespace, hence, anyone can setup a server that can talk to anyone elses 
server, out of the box.

> Maybe I'm missing something, but I thought Jabber was an Instant Messaging
> Protocol for Peer to Peer (actually, fastest client is server)?

  Jabber is 'more' then that, but yes, the primary fucntion is to message 
'data' from resource to resource.  It really isn;t peer to peer, though..

> Does all the traffic actually go through the server?

  'A' server, not 'THE' server..

> I have my own IM working (not IETF) that uses UDP protocol and just the
> clients to talk -- no server except for a directory for hooking them up.

  Cool.  But doing this is not functionally that difficult, but you are now 
relying on a primary directory.  How do you handle user namespace?

> I guess I'm missing something here.

  As Scott pointed out, read the FAQ, it contains many of the questions you 
have had.  Basically, we want the clients to be as stupid as possible, and the 
user mobile as possible.  The server is the 'static' point, and any client can 
then connect, and automatically have the same environment setup as when they 
connected via their Cell Phone GSM client.  Mobility..

  This also provides for the facility of 'presence', aka, one user connected 
several different ways, with preferences as to what data goes where.

  None of these would be possible in a strict peer to peer system.

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