[JDEV] THE Article :)

Eliot Landrum eliot at landrum.cx
Tue Nov 16 13:05:38 CST 1999

Hey folks!!

As Thomas just mentioned, we have been working on an article to describe the
goals, concepts and possibilities of Jabber. The article is now in "print" in
today's (Tuesday) osOpinion!! osOpinion has been really wonderful and quite flexible
with us. This article is written for the "Slashdot" type audience, and is good
introduction to the whole Jabber project. Be sure to check it


Now even though Thomas Charron and myself are listed as the authors, Thomas
"temas" Muldowney and Jer both helped a lot. Just want to make sure they get some
credit too. :)


Eliot Landrum
eliot at landrum.cx

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