[JDEV] [OT] Looking for Tue Wennerburg

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Fri Nov 19 14:47:52 CST 1999

Quoting Robert La Quey <robertl1 at home.com>:

> I joined this list back in February and have mostly enjoyed 
> my lurk as you young turks crank out Jabber. Nice work. 
> Now I am writing an article for XML.com which mentions Jabber 
> and I need to locate - Tue Wennerberg, who was involved in some 
> early message exchanges for permission to quote a statement he
> made on this list. 

  Wow, we're going to be in the news!  ;-P

  I didn't realize how many electrons we use with this list untill I went to 
the jdev subscriber listing..

  There are SEVERAL HUNDRED subscribers to jdev!

Thomas Charron
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