[JDEV] Newbie: Who should be using the jabber software ?

jplooney-jabber at online.ie jplooney-jabber at online.ie
Tue Nov 23 12:03:54 CST 1999

 Hi, I'm not really looking to be a Jabber developer just yet, but I'm
working for a company that's creating an online community, and one of the
things we need is a decent instant messaging client. Jabber looks to
potentially be a rather excellent choice, so I've decided to look into it,
and see how much work it would be to implement and support it on our

 Is Jabber in such a state that I'd be able to play about with it, and see
how it could fit into our big picture ? At the moment, I'm running into
little problems like "what's this secret parameter I'm to pass to jserver?"
- where is this info ? The source ?


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