[JDEV] Newbie: Who should be using the jabber software ?

John P . Looney valen at tuatha.org
Tue Nov 23 13:01:05 CST 1999

On Tue, Nov 23, 1999 at 12:39:01PM -0600, Thomas Charron mentioned:
>   Jabber would be an excellent choice in your situation, primarly becouse of 
> it's extensibility by the use of transports.  Virtually any data your looking 
> to pipe can be handled.

 That's the important bit - we are trying to integrate a browser chat
engine, IM service & loads of other components. Jabber could fit in -
that's what I'm supposed to be finding out this week :)

>   You've come in at a perfect time.  We've recently completed, and will soon 
> publicly release, 0.7 final, which is a complete rewrite of the system.  It is 
> now much faster due to the use of loadable libraries, and the capability for 
> transports to use shared memory instead of socket access..  But I'm going off 
> on technicaly details, aren't I..

 That's cool. I appriciate it! I'm working off CVS at the moment - it seems
fairly different to the 0.6 release alright....

>   One of the final things we're cleaning up is documentation for questions such 
> as these.  We'd ENCOURAGE questions like this onlist, as it's hard to write 
> documentation at times on systems you know, to serve a userbase that doesn't.  
> ;-P

 Right. Here's something you don't have straight off. A "What to edit"
quickstart guide. I've been poking around the xml config files for a few
hours, and sorta know what's what. 

>   To answer your question, the transports secret is located inside of etherxd's 
> registry for the jserver transport.  If you used the default file locations 
> during install, these would be located in /usr/local/etc/jabber.  Specifically, 
> the secret jserver uses to connect to etherx is located in jserver.xml, under 
> the 'transport' entry.  This is used to provide a *little* bit of security for 
> the jserver connection, and sort of serves as jservers 'password' to the etherx 
> daemon.

 Excellent. I now see why etherxd was including the jserver.xml file.

 However, I still can't get the jserver to start. Started with the -D
option it gives:

% jserver -D -s bing
Tue Nov 23 18:47:39 1999  debug/tstream:153 tstream read event
Tue Nov 23 18:47:39 1999  debug/xmlstream:196 _xmlstream_main
Tue Nov 23 18:47:39 1999  debug/tstream:153 tstream read event
Tue Nov 23 18:47:39 1999  error/tstream error reading from socket ''
Tue Nov 23 18:47:39 1999  error/libetherx unable to estabilsh connection to etherx, forcing exit

 And etherxd -D says nothing that could be interpreted as an error message.
Any ideas ?


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