[JDEV] Newbie: Who should be using the jabber software ?

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Tue Nov 23 13:30:19 CST 1999

Quoting "John P . Looney" <valen at tuatha.org>:
> > it's extensibility by the use of transports.  Virtually any data your
> looking 
> > to pipe can be handled.
>  That's the important bit - we are trying to integrate a browser chat
> engine, IM service & loads of other components. Jabber could fit in -
> that's what I'm supposed to be finding out this week :)

  If you can say, are there any specif packages you're looking to possibly 
having a jabber transport to/from?

>  That's cool. I appriciate it! I'm working off CVS at the moment - it seems
> fairly different to the 0.6 release alright....

  Fairly different isn;t the word..  ;-P  It's a complete rewrite, pretty much 
from the ground up.  The protocol has changed alot as well..

>  Right. Here's something you don't have straight off. A "What to edit"
> quickstart guide. I've been poking around the xml config files for a few
> hours, and sorta know what's what. 

  I just started work on this very thing.  Sort of a 'New Users Guide to 
Jabber', with how to install, how to set it up, breif overview on the entuire 
system, writing new transports using libetherx, etc..

>  Excellent. I now see why etherxd was including the jserver.xml file.


>  However, I still can't get the jserver to start. Started with the -D
> option it gives:
> % jserver -D -s bing
> [..deleted..]
> Tue Nov 23 18:47:39 1999  debug/tstream:153 tstream read event
> Tue Nov 23 18:47:39 1999  debug/xmlstream:196 _xmlstream_main
> Tue Nov 23 18:47:39 1999  debug/tstream:153 tstream read event
> Tue Nov 23 18:47:39 1999  error/tstream error reading from socket
> ''
> Tue Nov 23 18:47:39 1999  error/libetherx unable to estabilsh connection to
> etherx, forcing exit
> % 

  Is etherx listening on the IP you are connecting to?  There are a few lines 
in registry.xml that contain the IP's it should be listening on.  The easiest 
way to tell is try to telnet to bind on port 5269 and see if you get a 
connection.  I suspect it may not be..

>  And etherxd -D says nothing that could be interpreted as an error message.
> Any ideas ?

  This would happen is etherxd wasn't listening on the IP that your connecting 
to, as it would never recieve a conneciton.

  Built into the system is the ability to only listen to certain IP's for 
machines that have several.  This gives the capability for a firewall machine, 
etc, to listen for connections on the internal network, but not the external 
one.  I use the firewall as an example, simply becouse if you wanted internal 
users to be able to access AIM, ICQ, etc by using the transports, the server 
could accept connections internally, and the transports could connect to the 
outside world, without Jabber or etherx actually accepting outside connections..

Thomas Charron
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