[JDEV] Newbie: Who should be using the jabber software ?

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Tue Nov 23 14:34:58 CST 1999

Quoting "John P . Looney" <valen at tuatha.org>:
> On Tue, Nov 23, 1999 at 01:30:19PM -0600, Thomas Charron mentioned:
> >   If you can say, are there any specif packages you're looking to
> possibly 
> > having a jabber transport to/from?
>  Just the "common" ones. We want people to have no reason to use a
> non-jabber client - and the most common reason someone would use a
> proprietary one is "Little Johnny down the road uses ICQ". As long as we
> can talk to ICQ, AIM & other big ones, that's sufficent for the time being.

  Well, then Jabber is pretty much the answer.  I can't speak for the status of 
the AIM and ICQ transports, but I believe them to be fairly close to being 
ported for 0.7.  Other transports will be up and coming, now that we have a 
standard 'library' to make writing a transport MUCH easier..

> >   I just started work on this very thing.  Sort of a 'New Users Guide to 
> > Jabber', with how to install, how to set it up, breif overview on the
> entuire 
> > system, writing new transports using libetherx, etc..
>  Woohoo! If you want a proofreader...

  We'll update the status of it as it becomes available..

>  The machine only has the one IP address. I can telnet localhost 5269, and
> get a connection fine. Hmm. Must be something wrong with jserver's config
> then. Maybe it's trying to connect elsewhere...

  Your command line was using a secret of 'bing'?

>  The jserver.xml file is:
> <transport id='jabber' namespace="jabber:server" secret='smeg' 
>         dso='/usr/remote/packages/jabber-transport/lib/jabber/jserver.so'>

  (PPst.  I think it's already RUNNING..  ;-P)

  The above line lists the transport as a dso transport, which is *TADA* is 
most likely automatically loading into memory FOR you.  Try to telnet localhost 
5222.  If you get a connection, jserver is already loaded.  That's the wonders 
of the dso usage.  It loads it using shared memory instead of connecting via a 

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