[JDEV] Newbie: Who should be using the jabber software ?

John P. Looney jplooney-jabber at online.ie
Wed Nov 24 10:06:07 CST 1999

On Wed, Nov 24, 1999 at 09:52:38AM -0600, Thomas Charron mentioned:
> Quoting "John P. Looney" <jplooney-jabber at online.ie>:
> > On Wed, Nov 24, 1999 at 12:21:34PM +0000, John P. Looney mentioned:
> >  OK. Found the problem. The server was specified as
> > "hercules.fv.digiserve.ie" in the jserver.xml file, but I was trying to
> > connect to it by specifying a user "foo at hercules" to cabbar.
>   Ahh, I thought you where getting the errors in something etherxd or jserver, 
> I didn't know ytou mean you where actually able to connect.
>   You can setup aliases to tell the server to look like 'hercules' as well as 
> 'hercules.fv.digiserve.ie'.

 OK. Must do that. Don't want other poor users getting confused :)

 In the end I'd to use strace on etherxd to see that it was writing out an
error like "Don't know server hercules..." - no idea where it thought it
was writing it to - I don't think it was in any of the log files...

> >  Alas, getting the rest of it working isn't easy either. At one stage I was
> > able to send and receive messages. I quit out of the clients, ctrl-c'd the
> > server, and nothing worked when I tryed to get it going again. I'm getting
> > a lot of:
> > Wed Nov 24 15:27:26 1999  debug/session:38 BASIC_LOOKUP:[0] 2, t=134702448,
> > s=0, l=0
> > Wed Nov 24 15:27:26 1999  debug/conn:96 no session found for this
> > connection, dropping data
>   When you control'c'd the server, did it completely exit?

 etherxd you mean ? Yes, very sure. Dead as roadkill that's starting to
smell funny.

 Ah. Another clue. Etherxd is saying:
Wed Nov 24 16:00:48 1999  debug/auth:90 SVC_BASIC: auth result illegal/Invalid Authentication Query

 However the password/username is definitly correct, and the cabbar client
thinks it's being logged in...these logins were working earlier. Bar
./jabber-transport/var/jabber, is there any data files kept around that
could have been corrupted (except the xml files) ?


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