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Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Thu Nov 25 19:43:52 CST 1999

Quoting "John P. Looney" <jplooney-jabber at online.ie>:
>  What's the story on jabber's authentication system ? Any chance that it'll
> use PAM or something ? It just that we have all user info in an SQL
> database, which is exported to an LDAP server regularly. I suppose we could
> dump stuff out to the mod_basic_users.xml - but can this be reloaded
> without restarting the server ?

  Yes to everything.. ;-P

  Just as etherx can load jserver dynamically in memory, jserver can in turn
(and does) load several 'modules' that tell it how to validate, route, etc. 
Right now, the only included module is mod_basic.  Now that we have a working,
sturdy server in 0.7, we can start to bang out the mod_sql, mod_ldap, etc,
modules that will extend jserver to authenticate any way it so chooses.

  And in answer to your last question, if you send a kill -1 to etherxd, it will
reload all config files, as well as resend them to the connected transports..

Thomas Charron
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