[JDEV] is Jabber usuably right now?

Robert Thompson robert at sv3.com
Sat Nov 27 01:20:13 CST 1999

>  At the moment, the only usable clients I've seen are Unix based. I'd
> suggest taking a look at the Win32 client mailing list archives at:
>     http://mailman.jabber.org/pipermail/win32-dev/
> and maybe joining the mailing list, and the development effort (which does
> exist, though the Win32 info page is almost blank!) - even if it is just
> a "Beta testing" capacity, or writing documentation, there is always some
> way to help out!

Well, I joined about 3 months ago and have been anxious to help out by "Beta
testing" the Jabber.dll for my Windows IM Client.

However, I still haven't not heard anything about it's availability, nor
have I found a WIN32 Jabber Server that I can run on my NT4.0 Server to

But I continue to wait hopefully and patiently but hopefully not vainly :-)

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