[JDEV] Announcing Jabber 0.7

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon Nov 29 14:38:54 CST 1999

After nearly two years in design and development, the Jabber Development
Team is announcing the availability of the powerful Jabber Instant
Messaging and Presence Server development version 0.7.  Learn more about
Jabber at http://jabber.org/ and download the 0.7 server at

While still a developmental version, the core of the Jabber architecture
has stabilized and reached a point where it is ready to deployed and built
upon.  This is the code base that will quickly become 1.0.  This release
supports the XML protocol described at http://protocol.jabber.org/, and
additional protocol support is in development and undergoing testing for
IRC, ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Pager.

The 0.7 server offers instantaneous delivery to connected clients and
remote servers of all messages and changes in presence.  Any data that can
be defined in XML can be routed real-time between users and/or
applications via Jabber.  There are unique demands of managing any
real-time data stream functionality, so the server is extensibly from the
ground up supporting a dynamically loadable module API and a flexible
"service manager" daemon named etherx.

The core protocol functionality in 0.7 server:
     o  authentication
     o  message delivery
     o  presence
     o  roster (buddy list)
     o  offline messaging

Experimental protocol functionality in 0.7 server:
     o  registration
     o  profiles
     o  offline presence
     o  user resource management
     o  timestamps

Under the hood:

The XML Parser is Expat by James Clark (http://jclark.com/xml/expat.html).
Expat is a top-notch fast and standard parser which is also being used in
Mozilla, Perl, Apache, and numerous other projects.

GNU Pth is the core multi-threading engine by Ralf Engleschall
(http://gnu.org/software/pth/).  Pth offers a powerful and flexible engine
for managing the demands of a real-time messaging server under heavy

GNU adns by Ian Jackson (http://www.gnu.org/software/adns/)  is also
(optionally) used as a fast replacement for DNS lookups. 

Notes to the jdev list:

For those that already noticed, the 0.7 release has been available on
download.jabber.org for a week now.  We're in the middle of completly
revamping all of the web sites (jabber.org and all team sites) with a new
design and updated content, which should start to appear tonight and
tomorrow.  We wanted to roll out the new design with the release
announcement, but instead we'll roll out the new design with a big "Jabber
Project Status" update tomorrow discussing where we're at and what's up
next for Jabber.


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