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Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Tue Nov 30 16:07:02 CST 1999

Quoting Robert Thompson <robert at sv3.com>:
> I agree (below).
> I'm getting very frustrated with the lack of Win32 activity.
> If I had the experience necessary I would try and help develop the
> Jabber.dll
> As it stands, I'm experienced in Windows development enough to Test Jabber,
> but not develop it (sockets, etc.).
> What's the story?  Is Jabber ever going to support Windows?

  Jabber is going to support windows.  Something people need to bear in mind is 
Jabber as it stands is still a development release, and while things are 
progressing quite quickly, we can't expect everything.  We're trying, guys, 
really, but we're still all volunteers in this.  This may change, as many 
companies have expressed interested in using Jabber, most particularly in the 
ISP realm, but in the meantime, we're still doing this in our spare time.  This 
is even moreso an issue with a Win32 project, as developing native Win32 code, 
particularly GUI Win32 code, is simply not even in the same realm as 
development under other environment.

  Now, can we release a Win32 version of cabbar?  Sure.  Will it support all of 
the 'neat' features?  No.  while Gtk has been ported to Win32, it wasn't 
written with it in mind, and will not support things such as minimizing to a 

  Myself, I'm very heavily reliant on MFC when developing under Win32.  Do we 
want MFC to be part of a Jabber.dll?  We've decided to try not to do that, if 
only to keep dependencies on external packages to a minimum.

  I have generated a list of users on the Win32 that are interested in helping 
with a Win32 jabber.dll library.  My job is to take our current functionality 
that Jabber has implemented via the libjnix package, and move it over to C++.

  As another note, I'd like to personally take responsibility for Jabber 
lacking in the Win32 aspect.  It certainly isn't the fault of the rest of the 
Jabber team.  They're busting their but working on the core system, which is 
coming along incredibly well, and is to the point now that it can support 
functionality that we could only have dreamed of a year ago.

  At the same time, I work for a living.  I have a wife and 2 kids.  I don't 
work on jabber 40 hours a week.  The development on the server side has 
progressed with the help of Webb, who allows Jer to work on Jabber 40 hours a 
week, and the fine efforts of several other developers who CAN work on it that 

  Unfortionatly, currently, I don't.  Perhaps in the future, I or someone else 
would HAVE the ability to work on Jabber/Win32 full time, but right now, we 
have perhaps 3 developers who have set forth their names to work on it, 
including myself, and ALL of them made sure to note, that while they are 
willing to work on Jabber/Win32, they simply can't do so full time.

  I'm ranting, aren't I?

Thomas Charron
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