[JDEV] XML stream parsing in Java

Scott Robinson quad at jabber.org
Fri Oct 1 02:35:37 CDT 1999

Ooh noo! Just use the "standard" binary-ization of XML!


* Zoom Juice translated into ASCII [Thu, Sep 30, 1999 at 08:12:22PM -0700][<19991001031222.1315.rocketmail at web1602.mail.yahoo.com>]
> --- Thomas Charron <tcharron at ductape.net> wrote:
> >Quoting Bill Ataras <billa at efax.com>:
> >> This thing can bounce back and forth all day. I
> just wanted to mention that
> >> basic extensible binnary protocols are possible and
> have been proven over
> >> decades to work with incredible interconnectivity
> between diverse
> >> manufacturers and over widely varying
> networkqualities.
> > 
> >   Possible, sure.  Many networks DO use binary data
> streams, but we really 
> > don't have a reason to do so.  We could also argue
> to the cows come home to use 
> > IRC's text based protocol.  Both binary and ASCII
> protocol streams can do the 
> > same things.  Heck, we could come up with a binary
> XML protocol if we wanted 
> > to.
> Prophetic.  I've already come up with a nice one...
> just I don't see any reason to put it forward at the
> moment when it doesn't do much other than to distract
> everybody from the main work.  Did I say distract from
> the main work?  Oh yeah right... this entire thread is
> distracting as far as doing useful work goes.  When
> the time comes, XML can be improved to be more
> compact, via above mentioned binary encoding scheme,
> or some other, or via compression, or even via
> encryption as I mentioned previously, or whatever.
> Why don't the main perpetrators... err, um, I meant
> *participants* in this thread consider moving on to
> something more productive?
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