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Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Fri Oct 1 09:43:02 CDT 1999

Quoting Vivre Draco <cfc at bigfoot.com>:
> > I'm trying to log into the jabber.org jabber server. Is this
> > possible if I AM registered as a developer? If so could you tell me
> > what information I need to enter.. Specifically I'm wondering what
> > my username and nickname need to be. Is your username just your
> > email address? 
>    username is the same as your Javver.org developer userid. Ditto 
> for password. nickname can be anything you want, as far as I know.

  It should also be noted (Jer, correct me if I'm wrong) that the export to the 
Jabber user list is not exported immediatly, and could take some time to be 
exported out..

Thomas Charron
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