[JDEV] BeOS Client

Joseph Jones jjones at bigfoot.com
Fri Oct 1 07:58:19 CDT 1999

DOM: Document Object Model. It's the name given to the API/OM 
surrounding an XML parser.

I was doing a little research yesterday on how to hook Python to a non-
Python application, and it seems feasible (though I still don't quite 
understand how it would ALL work.). 

I'll get a hold of the Python guys ASAP to see how I could wrap their 
parser to do what work I needed. 


>Quoth Joseph Jones,
>| I thought there was already a port of Python to the Be done by Chris 
>| Herborth? Or are you adding a native UI module to it?
>My modules complement Chris' port.
>| Hmm...AFAIK, the current state of BeOS Python lacks any Tcl/Tk 
>| for UI development. This would mean that, to use Python there would 
>| still have to be some C++ application that somehow had a way of 
>| to a Python parser. Is this possible without doing some sort of 
>| server thing? (I.E. calling into a pythion module as a shared module 
>| instead of sending messages to another running application.)
>1. Yes, we have no Tk.  2. We can however use the BeOS API for 
>3. A superficial C++ program that wraps Python is quite feasible and 
>probably be the way to go for any semi-serious application, unless 
>can figure out some way to attach BeOS application information to a 
>instead of the script's interpreter.
>Choice of language is completely up to you, just wanted to point out
>that unlike Java, Python might be worth looking at for its XML 
>whether there's anything there, I actually don't know.  For more on 
>discussion should probably be directed to the Python team, who I 
>will actually know what DOM means (unlike me, though if my guess is 
>it does sound like something the Python community would take to), or 
>for the Python BeOS API situation.
>	Donn Cave, donn at u.washington.edu
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