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Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Mon Oct 4 13:46:33 CDT 1999

Quoting Eric Bowersox <ebowersox at corp.webb.net>:

> I'm wondering if the Jabber <message> tag shouldn't contain some sort of
> (optional) timestamp, which would be useful for figuring out when you
> received an offline message.  I just received two offline messages on my
> Jabber server and I have no idea when they were sent.


  It was actually talked about, but no one ever made up a proposal for it.  
IMHO, it would be a great, optional thing to have, but the format should stick 
to the timestamp definitions that are part of RFC821.  I'll include the snippet 
that deals with it below:

August 1982                                                      RFC 821
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol                                           
         The time stamp line and the return path line are formally
         defined as follows:
         <return-path-line> ::= "Return-Path:" <SP><reverse-path><CRLF>
         <time-stamp-line> ::= "Received:" <SP> <stamp> <CRLF>
            <stamp> ::= <from-domain> <by-domain> <opt-info> ";"
            <from-domain> ::= "FROM" <SP> <domain> <SP>
            <by-domain> ::= "BY" <SP> <domain> <SP>
            <opt-info> ::= [<via>] [<with>] [<id>] [<for>]
            <via> ::= "VIA" <SP> <link> <SP>
            <with> ::= "WITH" <SP> <protocol> <SP>
            <id> ::= "ID" <SP> <string> <SP>
            <for> ::= "FOR" <SP> <path> <SP>
            <link> ::= The standard names for links are registered with
                      the Network Information Center.
            <protocol> ::= The standard names for protocols are
                      registered with the Network Information Center.
            <daytime> ::= <SP> <date> <SP> <time>
            <date> ::= <dd> <SP> <mon> <SP> <yy>
            <time> ::= <hh> ":" <mm> ":" <ss> <SP> <zone>
            <dd> ::= the one or two decimal integer day of the month in
                      the range 1 to 31.
            <mon> ::= "JAN" | "FEB" | "MAR" | "APR" | "MAY" | "JUN" |
                      "JUL" | "AUG" | "SEP" | "OCT" | "NOV" | "DEC"
            <yy> ::= the two decimal integer year of the century in the
                      range 00 to 99.
[Page 32]                                                         Postel
RFC 821                                                      August 1982
                                           Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
            <hh> ::= the two decimal integer hour of the day in the
                      range 00 to 24.
            <mm> ::= the two decimal integer minute of the hour in the
                      range 00 to 59.
            <ss> ::= the two decimal integer second of the minute in the
                      range 00 to 59.
            <zone> ::= "UT" for Universal Time (the default) or other
                      time zone designator (as in [2]).            
                          Return Path Example
         Return-Path: <@CHARLIE.ARPA, at BAKER.ARPA:JOE at ABLE.ARPA>
                               Example 9
                        Time Stamp Line Example
      Received: FROM ABC.ARPA BY XYZ.ARPA ; 22 OCT 81 09:23:59 PDT
         Received: from ABC.ARPA by XYZ.ARPA via TELENET with X25
                   id M12345 for Smith at PDQ.ARPA ; 22 OCT 81 09:23:59 PDT
                               Example 10
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