[JDEV] Message timestamps

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Mon Oct 4 14:11:45 CDT 1999

Quoting Eric Bowersox <ebowersox at corp.webb.net>:

> Ah, but the timestamp definitions in your snippet are not Y2K-compliant.
> See the following sub-snippets (is that even a word?) from your snippet
> below:

  Actually, I think I hit an outdated RFC.  The two digit year has been changed 
to four.  This is the RFC for SMTP..

> Besides being Y2K compliant, the ISO 8601 format that I used for my example
> does not depend on the use of whitespace to separate fields, yet is still
> human-readable because of the fixed field layout and the literal 'T' used
> to
> separate the date and time.  I borrowed the format from the XML-RPC spec,
> where it is used to pass arguments of "date-and-time" type.  (And, yes, as
> someone else has already noted, this format is not
> Y10K-compliant...however,
> *I* won't have to worry about a solution for that :-). )

  But there is no data to leave timestamp data intact from other transports, 
aka, a 'Label' of what's putting it there..

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