[JDEV] Message timestamps

Scott Robinson quad at jabber.org
Mon Oct 4 16:32:34 CDT 1999

Bah, you all anger me! I post up a timestamp (and other extensions such as
cc, bcc, routing information) and then its rehashed. ;)

But I suppose I should insert content into this message. I would suggest
(since we're looking for compatibility) using the timestamp system specified
in RFC-822. It isn't Y10k compatibile, but I'm thinking a very small
modification could be performed to make it so. ;)

Of course, when we have to deal with other planets, I'm sure GMT will become
standard. ;)


* Eric Bowersox translated into ASCII [Mon, Oct 04, 1999 at 10:57:39AM -0600][<8D96EDA0AC04D31197B400A0C96C14804E789B at ossex1.ossinc.net>]
> I'm wondering if the Jabber <message> tag shouldn't contain some sort of
> (optional) timestamp, which would be useful for figuring out when you
> received an offline message.  I just received two offline messages on my
> Jabber server and I have no idea when they were sent.
> The format should probably be:
> <message>
>     ...
>     <timestamp>19991004T09:53:40</timestamp>
>     ...
> </message>
> where the <timestamp> tag contains the time the message was sent, in ISO
> 8601 format (yyyymmddThh:mm:ss).
> I also note that the ICQ message protocol includes a timestamp for delivery
> of "offline" messages when you first log in, which could be translated
> directly across to this format.  Just some food for thought.
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