[JDEV] Message timestamps

Steven Wagner steven at impulse.net
Mon Oct 4 18:11:41 CDT 1999

I can't stand it any longer.  The first time I thought it was funny, but if I
read Y10K one more time!!!  I could understand being thoughtful and thinking
about Y3K ... but I don't reasonably think that computers will even exist in
8000 years .. or humans - at least as we know ourselves.  Im not trying to bash
anyone, but I just wanted to bring up the obvious.
If we are going to worry about Y10K, why not worry about Y100K ?

Benjamin Holzman wrote:

>                ISO 8601                 RFC 822
> Advantages:    Concise                  Somewhat Concise
>                Always GMT               Human-readable
>                Sorts lexicographically
> Disadvantages: A tad cryptic            Not always GMT; can be confusing
> to clients
>                Not Y10K compliant       Not Y10K compliant

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