[JDEV] Message timestamps

Vivre Draco cfc at bigfoot.com
Mon Oct 4 18:16:26 CDT 1999

On 4 Oct 99,, Donn Cave sounded off on Re: [JDEV] Message timestamps:

> Quoth Vivre Draco,
> |    IMHO, a human-readable format is highly preferable -- it minimizes 
> | the client requirements, which seems to be one of Jabber's 
> | philosophies. The ISO 8601 or SMTP standards look like the best 
> | options so far.
> If any client needs to process dates in other ways, for example to
> compare them for presentation in date order, a display format kind
> of backfires as a convenience to the client. 

   Let me clarefy -- Both human and computer readable. For example, 
both ISO 8601 and RFC 822 present the date in a format that's 
relatively easy to read for both a human and a computer.

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