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Scott Robinson quad at jabber.org
Mon Oct 4 18:49:37 CDT 1999

I would like to touch on processing time. It was mentioned in a previous
post that the ISO standard would be easier for a program to decode than the
RFC. I would note that once the C/C++ is written, the encode/decode times
are minimal if not non-existant.


* Steven Wagner translated into ASCII [Mon, Oct 04, 1999 at 04:37:28PM -0700][<37F93A38.3E2DA99A at impulse.net>]
> As long as we avoid the problem that email has of email clients all having many
> different date formats.  Which one is it that does that?  Im confused.
> I think we should go with the date that is the most effecient for compatibility
> and readability by the code.  I don't think we should go with straight binary,
> but something that is more code effecient should be better then something that
> is more human readable.  The client is going to have to parse the date apart
> anyways so that it can display it in whichever way the user chooses (or are we
> not going to give them a choice?)
> I hope my input is valid.
> Steven
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