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Steven Wagner steven at impulse.net
Mon Oct 4 18:59:44 CDT 1999

Good point Scott.  Maybe we should consider which standard a programmer would be less likely to confuse or
misinterpret.  There are obviously going to be many 3rd party clients in the future, probably some sloppy ones
also if Corel is planning on making one, and we don't want the date getting messed up.
Is the time date stamping going to be done on the server-side?  I hope so.  If it is, maybe my above point isn't
as important.  :)


Scott Robinson wrote:

> I would like to touch on processing time. It was mentioned in a previous
> post that the ISO standard would be easier for a program to decode than the
> RFC. I would note that once the C/C++ is written, the encode/decode times
> are minimal if not non-existant.
> Scott.
> * Steven Wagner translated into ASCII [Mon, Oct 04, 1999 at 04:37:28PM -0700][<37F93A38.3E2DA99A at impulse.net>]
> > As long as we avoid the problem that email has of email clients all having many
> > different date formats.  Which one is it that does that?  Im confused.
> >
> > I think we should go with the date that is the most effecient for compatibility
> > and readability by the code.  I don't think we should go with straight binary,
> > but something that is more code effecient should be better then something that
> > is more human readable.  The client is going to have to parse the date apart
> > anyways so that it can display it in whichever way the user chooses (or are we
> > not going to give them a choice?)
> >
> > I hope my input is valid.
> >
> > Steven
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