[JDEV] Message timestamps (or: wow this list can gut busy in a hurry ;)

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon Oct 4 19:34:29 CDT 1999

> Is the time date stamping going to be done on the server-side?

I would expect that however it is formatted, the servers would be the ones
generating the timestamps.  Something along the lines of: the client would
send the message, their server would "stamp" it and send it to the
recipient's server, it gets "stamped" again by that server, and then
either delivered to the client or stored offline for that user.

Anyway, I just wanted to note that this is mostly a post-0.7 issue, 0.8
will have this and other things to make it a bit more "feature complete".


PS: Later tonight I'll be posting another message about the 0.7 status :)

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