[JDEV] Message timestamps (or: wow this list can gut busy in ahurry ;)

Steven Wagner steven at impulse.net
Mon Oct 4 19:49:03 CDT 1999

Jeremie wrote:

> I would expect that however it is formatted, the servers would be the ones
> generating the timestamps.

Of course.

> Something along the lines of: the client would
> send the message, their server would "stamp" it and send it to the
> recipient's server, it gets "stamped" again by that server, and then
> either delivered to the client or stored offline for that user.

Why have the senders server stamp it?  I realize this would make the stamp
info slightly more accurate, but in almost all cases the delivery of the msg
from the senders server and the receivers server will be instantaneous.  For
when its not, it may be a problem - but all around it would be more accurate
then dates that could have been possibly spoofed (as dan mentioned) and can't
be verified at all.  At least if it is stamped by the receivers server you
have info you can rely upon.  Is there someway to get the best of both
worlds?  Maybe stamp it at every path it hits so a user can view the msg
path?  and even use this info to analyze net congestion problems.


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