[JDEV] Message timestamping and route tracking

Lloyd Weehuizen tuna at freeworldbbs.org
Mon Oct 4 23:19:43 CDT 1999

On Mon, 4 Oct 1999, Scott Robinson wrote:

> Oy! A simple discussion on timestamp format turns into routing issues. (the
> following suggestions are in an unposted proposal) We obviously are to 
> damn smart.

heheh I think this format is a very good idea, except I would argue to use
the ISO standard rather than the RFC in this format as it seems to be
waisting an awful lot of characters :)

> Example:
>   <transport id="jabber:pagertransport://pager.mot.com/"
>              received="Mon,  4 Oct 1999 18:35:52 -0700"
>              sent="Mon,  4 Oct 1999 18:35:54 -0700">
>   Motorola Two-Way Paging Service
>   </transport>

<transport id="jabber:pagertransport://pager.mot.com/"
       Your Unique Caption Here

Just my 2c worth :)


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