[JDEV] Message timestamping and route tracking

Tim Lesher timl at epix.net
Tue Oct 5 08:52:16 CDT 1999

From: Benjamin Holzman <bah at orientation.com>
> Daniel Arbuckle wrote:
> >
> > I like that. Add a tz attribute (timezone) and I think we've hit the
> > jackpot.
> >
> If you add a timezone, you force every application which wants to use
> the timestamps to do a timezone conversion.

I disagree.  Send the timestamp as GMT, but include a timezone so that
clients have the ability to display in recipient local time, GMT, or sender
local time.

> I don't see what
> information it adds, as well.

It's a datum for the human user.  If I get an email from you, and you say
that you're going to do something at around 10:00, it would be nice to know
just what time that is.  Or, if you send me a strange, rambling message, I
can look at the sender's time and say, "Oh, this was at 2:00 this morning.
No wonder." <grin/>

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