[JDEV] Message timestamping and route tracking

Jon A. Cruz joncruz at geocities.com
Tue Oct 5 09:43:03 CDT 1999

Daniel Arbuckle wrote:

> Make tz optional. If it's not there, no problem. Also, tz should be
> formatted as a number of hourse to add or subtract from GMT rather than by
> name or something.
> What this adds is the ability to know the local time when the message
> passed through each server. For relaying servers, this isn't valuable
> information; for the sender's and receiver's home servers, it is.
> What would be the point of adding geographic information? This is all
> about time, and an offset from GMT is the simplest universal way of
> declaring a time.

This is probably best. The local machine sending the data knows it's own
conversion to GMT, but other machines may not. Thus, the machine with all the
required information does the conversion from TZ to time offset.  That also
solves the problem for whenever time shifts, etc. (Daylight savings times can
be a real pain)

"My new computer's got the clocks, it rocks
But it was obsolete before I opened the box" - W.A.Y.

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