[JDEV] Message timestamps

Matthew Van Drie van4759 at kettering.edu
Tue Oct 5 12:03:37 CDT 1999

> > From: jdev-admin at jabber.org [mailto:jdev-admin at jabber.org]On Behalf Of
> > Max Horn
> >
> > I'd like to add that the timestap should be GMT but should also
> > include a "timezone" attribute - it's nice to see when something was
> > written (in localtime), for various purposes. Note: this should be an
> > additional information...
> >
> This sorta belongs in  user information. People aren't going to change
> timezones between two messages, right? :)

Its possible though, with daylight savings time. I believe it changes from
Eastern Standard Time to Eastern Daylight time. And of course, the number
of hours from GMT would change too.


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