[JDEV] Newbie trying to build

Bill Ataras b_ataras at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 6 00:08:32 CDT 1999

This thing is a bitch. I can't figure out how to get the thing to build.

I've signed up for almost every group listed under teams.
I've CVS'd and pulled down everything I can.
Running fresh install of RH6
But no clear instructions on how to build stuff. (or I've missed some doc) I 
got the snapshot tree to build by installing libtool and running automake, 
autoconf and finally make. Well it almost built. AIM under it won't because 
of syntax error in aimt.c.

But I figure the snapshot is old. So I leave snapshot tree and go into 
etherx dir after pulling it down from CVS and automake complains about 
include/config.h.in not found.

Can someone give me (or point me at) simple instructions to suck down via 
CVS and build etherx, jabber transport, aim transport, icq transport and 
test client on a clean linux machine?

I figure this is all I need to do to be able to start working on the server. 
I can worry about java client and win32 client yada yada later as long as I 
can use simple C test client from linux.

I hope i didn't miss some obvious readme somewhere and look like idiot.


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