[JDEV] Message timestamping and route tracking

Waleed Abdulla WaleedKA at emirates.net.ae
Wed Oct 6 13:55:26 CDT 1999

    That's a good point (that is traveling users). But, who will determine
the timezone? Is it the server which might not even be in the same timezone?
In fact I don't see any  possible way to determine the real timezone


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>    I agree.  Server should only stamp the GMT time.  The users timezone
can be
>optional.  When the user has it enabled, it should still be included in the
>message rather then the profile for the following reason.  What is the user
>traveling around the world and constantly updating his location?  This
>easily be done with cell phones and GPS in the future.
>Waleed Abdulla wrote:
>> What if the sender and his server (who will put the sender's timestamp)
>> in different timezones?  Now that will make the timezone information in
>> message irrelevant.
>>     Timezone should be in the user profile not in his message. And it
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