[JDEV] Newbie trying to build

Waleed Abdulla WaleedKA at emirates.net.ae
Wed Oct 6 14:13:20 CDT 1999

I think Bill Ataras despertaly wants someone to help him. But,
unfortunately, everyone noticed the huge number of emails but no one thought
of reading them. Me included.

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Date: الاربعاء, 06 اكتوبر, 1999 11:00 PM
Subject: [JDEV] Newbie trying to build

>This thing is a bitch. I can't figure out how to get the thing to build.
>I've signed up for almost every group listed under teams.
>I've CVS'd and pulled down everything I can.
>Running fresh install of RH6
>But no clear instructions on how to build stuff. (or I've missed some doc)
>got the snapshot tree to build by installing libtool and running automake,
>autoconf and finally make. Well it almost built. AIM under it won't because
>of syntax error in aimt.c.
>But I figure the snapshot is old. So I leave snapshot tree and go into
>etherx dir after pulling it down from CVS and automake complains about
>include/config.h.in not found.
>Can someone give me (or point me at) simple instructions to suck down via
>CVS and build etherx, jabber transport, aim transport, icq transport and
>test client on a clean linux machine?
>I figure this is all I need to do to be able to start working on the
>I can worry about java client and win32 client yada yada later as long as I
>can use simple C test client from linux.
>I hope i didn't miss some obvious readme somewhere and look like idiot.
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