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Interleaved response.


* Thomas Charron translated into ASCII [Thu, Oct 07, 1999 at 01:44:39PM -0500][<199910071844.NAA10320 at ductape.net>]
>   2) I am going to contact the author of the expat libraries, to see if he will 
> allow us to use the expat libraries under the LGPL as well, instead of strait 
> GPL.

expat is also released under the MPL. (Mozilla Public License) I would take
a look at the licensing issues with that before sending off the e-mail. It
may work with us.

>   3) Once #2 is talken care of, I propose we change the license of jlib itself, 
> to be LGPL INSTEAD of GPL.  I'm not sure what we can do about the 
> transport/client code itself.  The perl modules are all released under the 
> Artistic License, so there is no worry there..

jlib and the transport linking libraries should be LGPL so proprietary
software is able to use them.

Transports, etherx, and the various clients, however, should (by author's
choice) be released under the GPL. Protect your rights!

>     I think once we have #3, we are all set about the concerns that people have 
> raised.  Jer?

I would like to take this point and note the protocol does not need to be
patented or GPL'ed. (in fact, I would argue against both!)

The only issue we _might_ have is with protocol ownership, but given the
many "Copyright The Jabber Team" notices and the fact most of us have
contributed, we don't have much to worry about.

> Thomas Charron
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