[JDEV] Compiling jabber (server and client), and tips to start...

David Waite mass at ufl.edu
Fri Oct 8 16:36:41 CDT 1999

I am trying to get jabber working, both as client and server. I have
investigated the java and windows teams (and not found much, is there a way
to run a jabber client on a windows machine currently?), and the main cvs.

my first question is, how do I compile the code in cvs? The only thing that
compiled for me was cabbar. Most of the configure scripts complained about
there not being an include directory.

second, cabbar compiled and I was able to use my username and password as a
developer to log in.. I think. Since I don't know any other developers, I
don't quite know :) I am curious if there is any way to test this, if
working groups like perhaps the java group usually subscribed to one another
to converse about changes, etc. Also, I was wondering if I would need to get
someone to subscribe as a developer if they just wanted to mess around (not
really code, just be able to log in). Can you add people on other jabber
servers to your list just by doing user at whatever.server.com ?

-David Waite

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